May 10, 2007

The 100th Human

Book Review:

As the end of the long-count Mayan calendar comes to it's 5000 year terminus in 2012, and the mystery of the ancient symbols are revealed, we discover what the end of time really means. "The 100th human" is a kinder, gentler apocalyptic story.

"The 100th human" is a fast-paced fictional journey that unites Jack, Alana and Apu in a remote Mayan region of Mexico and propels them onward together. From Mexico, they travel throughout the western United States searching desperately for the keys to save humanity while the Veni Victus, a fraternity dedicated to keeping the keys secret, closes in. The characters are relatable and the story is gripping.

While "the 100th human" is a true page-turner, this novel offers so much more. The real treasures to be found within its pages are the keys to shifting one's consciousness and how each personal change can affect the rest of humanity. These keys are woven into the narrative, revealed one by one through the characters' interactions with the gatekeepers whom they identify, by solving riddles along the way. Beginning with Living on Purpose, Fenwick dream-builds with the reader, exposing a counter-perspective to the lives we lead. In the second key, she attempts to introduce the reader, through the characters, to Hearing the Silence and all the power, peace and possibility that exists within its depths. The third key is Infinite Possibilities and the hope that emerges from relinquishing our past and future. With the fourth key, the unsuspecting character, Jake Jenkins charmingly explains how We Are All One; interconnected, inter-related and not alone.

"The 100th human" continues to enlighten us with practical lessons to ponder while gently urging us to integrate them into our daily lives. The fifth key delivers the essential message of being Correctly Identified with God versus identifying with anything or anyone else of this world. The sixth key focuses on a topic near and dear to the human heart: Freedom = No Fear. Gentle Ida, compassionately illuminates the origin of fear and how to truly be free. The seventh key dives straight into the multi-layered depths of Gratitude and explains how a change on this front can immediately change one's world. The eighth and final key is Love's Transcendence and is the culmination of all the keys, confirming how love is not the means to the end, but is the beginning, middle and end - all. Through humble forgiveness and overwhelming connection, the characters demonstrate the transformative power of love and what an evolutionary shift could actually look like, in this world - now.

In this novel, Chris Fenwick successfully explains such complex scientific theories as critical mass, zero point, wave functions and punctuated equilibrium, making them accessible and even important to our daily lives. This tale melds the teachings of the Kabbalah, the Vedas and Christ, fusing the universal concepts of purpose, gratitude, consciousness and love into one compelling story of hope, but also of responsibility.

Author's Bio

Chris Fenwick, a consummate optimist, artist and entrepreneur, has traveled the globe learning from societies, scientists and sages alike. Following the birth of her third child, she was captured by the story of the 100th human and not released until its successful publication in 2006, a year and a half later. She is a co-owner in three companies and lives in Pennsylvania with her family.

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